Version 0.93

Save System Release

The main feature for version 0.93 build of The Force Engine is the Save System - and Quick Saves.

Most of the game and level state is serialized, so that games can be saved and then later continued. It tracks the “Agent” data, which can be reconstructed if needed, so that you can continue the game, abort and play as normal. The original lives/checkpoint system is still there, the save system preserves that data and does not interfere with the core game systems. Using saves and quicksaves is an optional feature and can be completely ignored if desired.

When the game is saved, metadata is preserved - such as the time and date, a small screenshot, the name of the level, and all mods being used. Using this, it is possible to directly load a save even if you were playing a mod, the system will automatically load the same zips and gobs.


Many other fixes were made during this process including:

Version 1.0

With this release, The Force Engine is feature-complete for version 1.0. We are now on the last leg of the journey to version 1.0 - the focus will be on fixing bugs and polishing for the 1.0 release.