Tools and Progress

Version 1.09.5

Recently, the True Color build was released. With it, several features were added such as the True Color mode, texture filtering - including sharp bilinear, the ability to adjust the field of view, enhancements to the captions/subtitles system - such as choosing between fonts and UTF8 support, as well as a variety of bug fixes.

Upcoming Bug-Fix Release

Since then, a number of bugs are been addressed. One large issue people found with the true color mode is that some textures did not have the correct hue and saturation at low light values (roughly half and lower). So I have been working on a new experimental automatic “per-texture” adjustment, which works well in most cases though there are some textures in some mods that still have issues.

Left is adjusted, and right is without the per-texture adjustment TextureAdjustments TextureAdjustments2

Moving Forward

Moving forward, I plan on taking a break from feature work to instead focus on restoring and improving on the built-in tools. There are multiple reasons for this:

Current Progress

I have restored the Editor option in the menu and have a first-pass implementation of the Asset Browser working, though only for textures and palettes at the moment.

AssetBrowser1 AssetBrowser2 AssetBrowser3

Current Plans

Rough editor plans going forward. This isn’t all of the work needed, but instead captures the initial chunk of work to make the editors useable. Planning will continue once a decent amount of this has been done.

There are two main “work streams” listed here - the Asset Browser and Level Editor. However it is not intended that the Asset Browser stream is finished before the Level Editor work begins. Most likely I will be jumping between them as it makes sense for the work.

Note also that work already done for the Asset Browser is not listed here.

Asset Browser / Core

I. Core Systems

II. Resources

III. Functionality


I. Core

II. Import/Edit

III. Object Templates


I. Initial Work

Level Editor

Plans here are a little more unclear, the plan is to get the basics working again and then plan from there.

I. Restoration / Refactor