A purchased copy of the original game is required and is not provided by The Force Engine. The documentation has information on how to legally purchase Dark Forces.

Generally it is a good idea to download the latest available version. Previous builds are mainly for archival purposes. When downloading a new version, simply copying over an existing install will work fine. Note that there are no automatic downloads and TFE does not currently connect to the internet in any way. However, optional features such as checking for the latest version, directly downloading new versions and mods, and similar features will be added later.

This means that you will need to check for new versions of TFE manually for now.


The release of version 1.0 is a momentus event but it is not the end of the road. Outlaws support will be coming in version 2.0 and before that there will be new features, bug fixes, cross-platform support, and the built-in editors (including the level editor). See the TFE Roadmap for more information.

Version 1.09.540

Windows Build
Source Code

Another small release that fixes some issues and releases another iteration of the editor (still early WIP).



Version 1.09.530

Windows Build
Source Code

A bug-fix release, with some improvements to the Accessibility UI, slight improvements to true color texture color accuracy, more work on the TFE editor, and mostly bug fixes.

TFE Editor


Version 1.09.521

Windows Build
Source Code

Bug-fix release, but it includes the per-texture color adjustment when using the true color renderer.

Version 1.09.500

Windows Build
Source Code

The “True Color” release.

Version 1.09.410

Windows Build
Source Code

A quick bug-fix release following up version 1.09.4.

Version 1.09.400

Windows Build
Source Code v1.09.400.tar.gz

This build introduces several new features as part of the set of releases leading up to version 1.10. Features include Bloom, Colormap Interpolation, Smooth Vue animations, and a Closed Caption system for accessibility.

Version 1.09.300

Windows Build
Source Code v1.09.300.tar.gz

Another small bug-fix release.

Version 1.09.200

Windows Build
Source Code v1.09.200.tar.gz

A small bug fix release with fixes backported from the “True Color Renderer” branch, as well as other fixes. The “True Color Renderer” release will be the next major build.

Version 1.09.100

Windows Build
Source Code v1.09.100.tar.gz
Hotfix release that addresses critical issues with version 1.09.

Note For Linux Users

Linux is now supported but it requires additional setup. For now, you will need to compile from the source in order to run Linux. For more information, see the Linux section of the GitHub README.

In addition, a Flatpak/snap (or similar) package is planned for version 1.10, alleviating the need to manually compile the project. If you don’t want to compile the code, it might be better to use Windows for now or wait for version 1.10.


Version 1.09.000

Windows Build
Source Code v1.09.000.tar.gz
This build adds both Sound Font (sf2) and OPL3 midi synthesis. External midi is no longer required on Linux. Note that midi settings will be reset with this build, if you want to change from the default (OPL3 emulation) - than use the Sound menu.


Version 1.08.000

Windows Build
This build contains most of the features slated for version 1.10, with the only major missing feature being internal midi synth support and better Linux packaging. This marks the version “official” TFE version with Linux support.


Version 1.02.000-6-g779b9745

Version 1.02.000-1-g7ec69bb1

Version 1.02
Quality of Life Features

Bug Fixes

Version 1.01

Version 1.0

1-RC-4 Version 1 Release Candidate 4

1-RC-3 Version 1 Release Candidate 3

1-RC-2 Version 1 Release Candidate 2

1-RC-1 Version 1 Release Candidate 1


















0.93.000-1-g9b1a71e8 Save System Release

Fixes several GPU Renderer issues with adjoins. This fixes:



0.92 GPU Renderer Beta Release

0.91 Bug Fix Release 6

0.9x Bug Fix Release 5

0.9x Bug Fix Release 4

0.9x Bug Fix Release 3

0.9x Bug Fix Release 2

0.9x Bug Fix Release 1

iMuse and Sound - version 0.90.000

Cutscenes and Game UI Bug Fix Build 2 - version 0.80.000-6-g5b663b3

Cutscenes and Game UI Bug Fix Build - version 0.80.000-4-ga10f68d

Cutscenes and Game UI Release - version 0.8

Known Issues:

Core Game Loop Release - version 0.7

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-134-g22afe3c

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-133-gd444883

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-129-gbc44570

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-128-gf987b7c

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-112-gf4c6a81

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-110-gc940ee7

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-107-g5977a8a

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-106-g6ab2d35

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-100-g738bf7d

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-98-g4827535

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-93-g070d449

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-88-gc18215d

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-86-g2822c78

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-83-g7836c52

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-74-g60aa3ec

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-73-g10a8083
This version adds support for input remapping and control settings. This includes:

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-66-ge625336

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-61-gb0b0073

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-55-g4620539

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-48-g7a8237a
This is a “hot-fix” that fixes a possible crash on Jabba’s Ship when retrieving your stolen gear.

CGL Pre-Release Build Version 0.02.001-47-g2fa28c4
This is a pre-release version of the Core Game Loop Release. In this version 3 enemies are still missing (the Phase 2 Dark Trooper, Boba Fett, and General Mohc) and there are numerous bugs and known issues - including being forced to play in 320x200 since the floating-point sub-renderer had to be removed temporarily due to refactoring.

Pre-Release Build Version 0.01.006-1; Win64

Pre-Release Build Version 0.01.005; Win64

Pre-Release Build Version 0.01.004; Win64

Experimental Builds; Win64