Version 0.92

GPU Renderer Beta Release

The main feature for version 0.92 build of The Force Engine is the Beta release of the GPU Renderer. The GPU Renderer is a port of the software Jedi Renderer to the GPU utilizing OpenGL 3.3+ hardware.

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GPU Renderer

The GPU Renderer has several advantages to help make playing Dark Forces (and eventually Outlaws) smoother using TFE.

Known Bugs

The GPU Renderer is still considered Beta and will have bugs. Here are the known bugs so far. These bugs will be fixed for version 1.0.

Version 1.0

The next step, towards version 1.0, is to finish the Quick Save feature. Currently it is roughly 50% complete and I plan on finishing it up next before getting back to GPU Renderer bugs. Once that is complete, TFE will be feature complete for version 1.0. After that I will spend a few weeks going through the bugs, especially any crash or accuracy related bugs, in order to finish version 1.0.

New Features

Renderer Select

To change renderers, go to Configuration in the Escape Menu, and then select Graphics. From there find Renderer, which you can change from Software to Hardware.


Pitch Limit

Because pitch is now perspective correct, looking up and down can cause sprites to seem flat. To help with this, TFE can limit the pitch to fixed amounts - to give your the freedom to look up and down without distortion but not make the sprites look too flat. The default is Vanilla+ (60 degrees). The Maximum setting allows you to look up nearly 90 degrees.


Sky Mode

By default the GPU Renderer will use a Cylindrical projection to avoid sky distortion when looking up and down. This feels more natural than vanilla projection but looks different. If you want the game to look closer to vanilla, you should choose the Vanilla option here.


Cylindrical Comparison

Vanilla Comparison


Autoaim is very useful when looking up and down is clunky. But when you can look up and down freely, it can get in the way. So TFE now allows you to enable or disable autoaim in the Game settings.